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Thank you so much for visiting my page and considering me to help you with your dog training.

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It truly is an honor. Here’s my dog training journey in a nutshell: My wife and I adopted our dog Candace in 2014. She was a very anxious, nervous and shy dog. I had no idea how to have a dog like her! We hired a behavior based trainer and my mind was blown. I was introduced to a world of dog knowledge that I never knew existed. So since 2014 I have been on an amazing journey of dog behavior education, studying, training, failures, successes and personal growth.

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Today Candace is a completely different dog and I believe that’s because I worked hard to understand who she is, how to fulfill her, and how to effectively communicate. This is what allowed me to have a better relationship with her. And that is how I can help. I can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language they understand, with calm, confident energy and simple practice exercises. I’ve been inspired by studying professionals like Cesar Millan. I’ve trained with world renowned trainers such as Cheri Wulff Lucas, Brian Agnew & Heather Beck. I’m friends with a network of the best dog trainers in the country and I regularly pick their brains. I consider myself a forever student of dog psychology and I make sure I continue my education by taking workshops all over the country. I’m also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.
In 2020, I founded Candace’s Pack Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit in Gainesville, FL. It gives me great joy to rehabilitate and train dogs that have had a rough time, fulfill them in our program, educate their new owners and see the dogs thrive in their new home. Profits made from JPDFTS directly support the rescue dogs. For more information, please check out the rescue tab above or visit the website directly.

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Based on 10 reviews
Qi Lin
Qi Lin
July 29, 2022.
JP is really great and responsible for dog training! My little dog Daisy learned how to behave well when walking and build trust with me! I highly recommend you to contact JP if you have experienced the same questions with your dog!
Daritza Herrera
Daritza Herrera
June 15, 2022.
Other trainers said leash training my dog is impossible, but JP proved that to be untrue. My dog’s medical condition requires him to wear a harness indefinitely; collars/being pulled by the neck is not allowed. JP took on this leash training challenge and although it was new to him, managed to deliver a successful training session. You can’t help but to notice how knowledgeable he is in his field, well equipped he is with resources and tools, and how much he enjoys what he does. He is a honest, patient, humble, and persevering dog trainer. I’ve got some homework to do now, but by incorporating JP’s training method and following his well demonstrated techniques, I am confident that in no time my dog and I will enjoy easy and relaxed walks - with a harness! Thank you JP.
Georgina Tamburini
Georgina Tamburini
March 23, 2022.
We found JP on one of his Palk Walks at Depot Park. I noticed how composed and calm the dogs in the pack were, and I just HAD to ask what they were a part of! We spoke with JP who was more than happy to offer us his information and explain what services he offered. Our 6 month old pup Benson reacts to humans and dogs he doesn't know, and it got pretty intense so I knew I needed help. We had our initial training session, and I can really say that I am like shocked how easy it was for Benny to catch onto JP's direction. We of course knew that it was going to be 90% of our job to help Benny, and that he needed us to direct and guide him. It's only been 24 hours since the session and Benny is much less reactive towards others! I cannot wait to see how Benson improves, and how I can be a better leader for him. Thank you JP!
Jennifer Rogers
Jennifer Rogers
March 15, 2022.
JP is so amazing with my dogs! Very knowledgeable and always professional. My dogs were fighting to the point where I almost had to give my newest baby to another family. With JPs help they are able to be next to each other on leash. I am so grateful and appreciative that he was able to help my family figure things out. The walks he provides on my long shifts has been so helpful! 10/10 would recommend
Ileana S
Ileana S
March 8, 2022.
We would like to give JP many thanks for analyzing our dog’s issues and putting a simple concrete plan in motion. In less than one hour, our dog’s aggressive issues were blunted and we saw that there was hope. We were actually amazed at the simplicity and fast results. JP is extremely knowledgeable and explains as he teaches both our dog and us (yes, we humans sometimes need directions too!). We are continuing all that JP taught us to cement the teaching. He is always available to assist if necessary. We highly recommend JP’s services to anyone that needs assistance with their dog.
Stephanie Provost
Stephanie Provost
February 9, 2022.
I contacted JP for his services to help us with our new puppy. We were looking for basic obedience training and leash walking skills. After speaking to JP, I felt he would also be really helpful to work on some things (leashing walking and recall) for our 7 year old dog. During our first meet and greet session, he really took the time to get to know us, our dogs and our household. JP has an abundance of knowledge in training and is really in-tune with the dogs. He formulated a plan for us and we continue with a package of lessons. Our dogs respond very well to JP. Within our first session, our dogs picked up on the training. JP is patient with not only the dogs but us owners too. He is supportive and made us feel confident with the new skills we were also learning. We were given homework to work on, and he continued to check in with us and was quick in response to my questions via text. No matter what you’re looking for training wise with your pet, I am confident that JP has the the skills and knowledge to help. We are so pleased with our experience and we highly recommend JP’s Dog Fulfillment and Training Services!
Morgan Woodburn
Morgan Woodburn
January 27, 2022.
JP is a wealth of knowledge and has helped us tremendously with our fur baby's behavior and training after we rescued him! He is patient, thorough in working through and understanding each need/situation, and not only trained our dog but gave us the education we needed to keep the training going! He gave us endless tools and resources that were realistic for us to incorporate into our lifestyle and took everything step by step until we achieved our goals with our boy! We are forever grateful for JP and all that he has done for us - you can't go wrong in choosing his services!!
Anna Conklin
Anna Conklin
September 3, 2021.
I initially hired JP for a training session and was so impressed I am now doing dog fulfillment services through him for my puppy. After just one training session there has been a huge difference in my relationship with my dog - before she had the run of the house but now she respects me. He gives pointers on how to keep working on training a little each day in between formal sessions. I’m excited for more trainings with him to continue to improve on my dog’s behavior and responsiveness to me. The dog fulfillment services have been a huge relief for me. I work long hours twice a week and felt guilty when I didn’t feel like playing or going for a walk when I got home. We had tried doggy daycare at a local place, but her play had become aggressive and she was completely worn out from it. JP makes sure my dog gets the attention and stimulation she needs during the day in a safe and constructive manner. Highly recommend all services we’ve tried!
Muna Oli
Muna Oli
August 27, 2021.
We hired JP to help train our 6month old puppy. JP did a great job of recognizing what we needed help with and giving us pointers on how to improve our relationship with our dog. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing professional dog training.

“I have had the pleasure of coaching JP on two different occasions. The first at one of my workshops and a second time when he came to mentor with me. I have watched JP grow and excel at becoming a better trainer over the years and it makes me proud to watch his business grow. He is dedicated to his craft as well as his clients and their dogs.” 

Brian Agnew, The Balanced Dog



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