Primobolan is the perfect medication for drying out

Primobolan is a very common medication because it has shown good results in muscle drying. In addition, it significantly improves the performance of bodybuilders and physical performance. Primobolan is chosen by most strongmen because it has a mild effect and there are absolutely no side effects when using it. Strongmen who have at least once resorted to the drug for intense physical training could observe an improvement in muscle mass relief, with clear venous streaking. More information about Primobolan can be found by following this link

Effectiveness of Primobolan

Many bodybuilders pick up primobolan buy in order to dry out and keep the already existing muscle mass in perfect condition. Also the remedy indicates good results in a mix with other means. Growth of quality relief is sure to be impressive and will remain after the cycle for an extended period of time. Since it has a weak androgenic effect, it does not belong to the class of anabolic steroids.

Primobolan will allow to achieve such reactions:

  • Increased endurance performance;
  • An increase in muscle hardness strength;
  • A drying out of the muscles with beautiful venous prominence;
  • Weak but quality muscle recruitment.

On the pharmaceutical market Primobolan can be found in two forms of release – pills and injections. But to achieve maximum results, it is better to drink the substance in injections, as it is much stronger in effectiveness, and it is the least toxic to the liver area.

Characteristics of the drug Primobolan

What is the uniqueness of Primobolan (Magnus)? The substance has no analogues. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the anabolic is not convertible to estrogens. This makes it possible to prevent bad reactions such as acne, gynecomastia and accumulation of water in the body. However, do not think that there is no need to take pkt if the negative effects are not so visible.

Primobolan course will allow you to get the desired result in a short period of time. It has an unsurpassed ability to store nitrogen and does not cause edema due to its zero water retention, which makes it indispensable for dehydration. The anabolic steroid is unsurpassed in preserving muscle tissue and quickly eliminating residual fluid. In most cases, it has no effect on sexual desire. However, there may be exceptions in the form of a drop in libido in strongmen that allow an excessive dose or use it more than the specified time.

Consumption rules and dosage

Primobolan is considered to have the best effect during a cycle that lasts 8 months. The optimal dose of the active ingredient for novice athletes is 400 mg per week. Experienced athletes can increase the dose to 1000 mg per week.

Since the active ingredient is considered to be nothing but a long ester, bodybuilders in most cases use it once a week. Some prefer to divide its intake into a couple of injections. Primobolan is completely affordable, so that strongmen can allow themselves a full cycle of the product.

In parallel with the use of the drug, it would be a good idea to conduct a pct after 3 weeks after the end of consumption.

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