Oxandrolone is the best steroid for athletes

Athletes who have ever taken a course of steroids are familiar with Oxandrolone, or as it is also called Anovar. It is actively used by both beginners and experienced athletes in steroids, who fix the result with this steroid. And although by itself, it does not have a strongly pronounced active effect on athletes with an experience of taking steroids, for beginners it is also great when used with other drugs. You can buy Oxandrolone 20 mg for taking in between the main courses of taking steroids, and for the first experience of building mass for beginners.

The main action of Oxandrolone

A significant advantage of this steroid is a small effect on hormones, so it is considered safe and suitable for women and adolescents. Experienced and novice athletes actively use Oxandrolone to give relief to the body by reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat. The dosage of the drug depends on the experience of taking various steroids and the immediate goal. Due to its high anabolic index, the dosage of the drug can reach 10-20 mg per day. Moreover, even such dosages are not harmful to health and avoid unpleasant side effects.

In addition to the safety of the drug, at the end of the intake, the athlete receives elastic and toned muscles, an increase in endurance during training and a minimum of subcutaneous fat. Oxandrolone has no side effects, therefore, even with an overdose, the athlete is unlikely to receive such unpleasant consequences as he could get with another drug.

However, before purchasing Oxandrolone, it is imperative to consult with a specialist so that he can recommend the necessary dosage and give instructions regarding the duration of the course. In this case, taking the steroid will be more effective, and be sure to regularly exercise and monitor the diet for a visible result.

Anadrol Balkan for muscle gain

A good drug that can be combined with Oxandrolone is Anadrol. Although many athletes take Apollon as a standalone course, together with Oxandrolone it will bring the best effect.

While taking Anapolon, many athletes noted a significant increase in muscle mass, without water retention in the body and a decrease in centimeters at the end of the course of administration.

The duration of the course depends on the experience of taking steroids. So, beginners usually take a four-week course with a small dosage, but already a visible result at the end of the intake. Athletes and professionals take Anapolon for a long time – from six to nine weeks, and as a rule, with a more impressive dosage. It is necessary to take the drug during meals, drinking plenty of fluids. High dosages (150 mg per day) should preferably be divided into several doses: morning and evening, so as not to overload the body. Training during the course of taking the steroid is quite effective and painless. To improve the result from the course of steroids, due attention should be paid to sports nutrition and a certain diet.

With regards to side effects, they manifest themselves in the form of nausea, dizziness and vomiting if the regimen of administration and dosage is violated. Then you should reduce the dose of the drug and adjust the intake. Before you buy Anadrol (Oxymethanol) and for a safe course, you must also consult with a specialist who will help you choose the right dosage and prevent an increase in blood sugar or a decrease in blood iron.

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